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Teckers on Tryweryn
Happy new year
Bolton CC
the forum
club open boat
Well met
Burrs keys
Merry Christmas and Happy Year New
xmas party
playboater spray deck
Saturday morning paddle
turtle back kayak carrier.
white water safety and rescue course
Prospective member
New Photos and Videos on Photobucket
Who controls the Westhougton photobucket account?
Photos from Halton Rapids trip
keys to changing room at Burrs
Dee River Festival
Young Paddler died yesterday on the River Arkle>
Photographer at Burrs - 5th Jan
Are surveys a waste of time?
Happy New Year
missing helmet
Boats for sale
Mersey Descent Race - Sunday 14th October
Open Canoe help!
Best excuses for swimming
A new game to play
View posts since last visit problem
Anyone for a challenge?
16-hour first aid (outdoor specialised)
4 star assessment
Lost a top & towel?
Lost paddles on Lower Tryweryn
White water safety and rescue course?
Pool session 15/02/12
Carl's Deck cover
Last pool session tonight
moving over to the dark side
Afteroon at Brookbank!!!
Christies Sponsorship
Left and found
Codie is not coming to the pool Wed 19th Oct
This might start to get expensive ...
Tees Barrage...
Big sale at Brookbank
Cardiff International White Water
What's the most unusual place you have ever .....
New website
Wednesday 3rd August
Left at Burrs 06/07/11?
Congratulations Dave ......
Impending rain.
Stolen Open Boat (Oldham Area)
Sleningford Mill Trip
Club hoodies
Drowning doesn't look like drowning
Lost at Burrs Wednesday 18th May
my new avatar :)
Missing kit
Emergency texts
burrs wednesday 4th may
Lidl watersports gear
Win a boat for the club!
Cheap dry bags
Decathlon Kayaking Boots
G3 for sale
A request for help
training session 23rd
Free coaching
Lost paddle
Pool sessions
Seeking advice: Secondhand equipment
Blue boats
Merry Christmas
Goals for 2011
Careful with that heat gun
2 Item of kit missing
First Aid training
Club stickers
White Water Training Videos
You know you're out of your league when......
It's a bit quiet out here in the real forum
BA testing
Fatality on the River Dane
New forum
Tees Barrage
New updated NW coaching website
Missing kayaker
3 Star White Water Syllabus
hi everyone
This might be handy
"Members only" board
Skills progression
Never trust pet shops
lisa and phil together forever
STOLEN BOATS (Manchester CC)
Club photo gallery
Tales from the boatyard
new boots!
Did you know ......
Coaching courses
White water safety course
Who is in possession of my straps?
DIY paddle No. 2
Club boats - could you help?
Club gear
Stolen sea kayaks
Mel's avatar
Burrs keys
Club stickers
DIY canoe paddle
New camera
Funding for Sport or Outdoor Qualifications
Plan for the year?
Canoe paddling
Bad jokes
Amy - get off the forum and do some school work!
Were you forced to take a day off work because of snow?
Home-made boat
Happy new year everyone.
What did everyone get for Christmas?
Getting into your boat properly
Merry Christmas
2010 goals
Bad Christmas Jokes
Nookie posters
Events for 2010
The Christmas Do
Paddle at Burrs on the 13th Dec
Review of 2009
Darren - do you really need a trailer?
Pool Wednesday 25 November
Looking after you pets whilst on the water
Rolling or bracing which is best?
Lost property
Coaching logbook
The future of the club - YOUR thoughts?
Swim trophy
Coaching qualifications
IMPORTANT - Yak throwline safety notice
We've got no pub! ......... maybe we have?
Wikipaddle website
Training opportunity
BCU Star Awards
sea kayak trip- anyone interested in taking my place?
Membership subscriptions 2009/10
Christmas do ?
Paddling in next few weeks
Club discount
were else is a good place to go local that i can use kayak
birthday gift
Rolling challenge
Travelodge warning
Swim League
does anyone kayak on the leigh canal around leigh astley etc
just been given a kayak fibreglass old is it rubbish
Cattle in the Irwell
BBC1 tonight 21:00
Potential Funding
Setting the record straight
Keys for the changing rooms
Poo canoe
Article on access
Cheap Headcam
Thank you
First Roll on Burrs 13/5/09
Waste some time at work (mute the sound first)
thank you
New photographs (almost) on the gallery
Club stickers
General moan, winge, rant
River Grades and other terms explained
Pointless post
This Wednesday...
A new paddling skill to learn
All the best
Looking back over the year
Goals for 2009
Instruction video
Extreme Kayaking
Time display on the forum
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